MechMadness Designs LLC is a costume, props and mechanical effects company operated by Ivan Owen in Washington State, USA. In addition to designing and creating a variety of odd things solo, Ivan also partners with other local artists to take on more complex projects or projects that require skills outside of his own knowledge base.

Ivan Owen

Ivan Owen

Ivan creates a wide range of art, but he is particularly fond of re-purposing items into post-apocalyptic armor & creating unusual mechanical gadgets and musical instruments. The thing he enjoys the most is creating things that most would consider to be “out there” or just downright strange. There is a chance, for instance, that he might be in the process of creating a car that his tiny 3.5lb dog will be trained to operate by pressing switches with her body. Don’t tell him it’s a good idea though…. we don’t want to encourage his slightly comic-book-villianish behavior.

Jordan Orr

Jordan Orr

Jordan is the artist that Ivan collaborates with most frequently. He is a musician, illustrator, costume designer, writer and can paint like a madman. A talented visual artist with incredible imagination, Jordan brings a phenomenal punch to any project he is a part of. Between the two of them, they can cover a wide range of requests for excellent, unique custom items.


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